A loner I was…. threading through a path. People call it risky; I call it the happening. Lost in my thoughts,  staring into an abyss, too lost to have noticed the oncoming vehicle…All I felt after that was the taste of my own blood, the sharp pain that kept banging through the walls of my head, opened bruises, broken bone or should I say “Bones”!! Couldn’t feel my hands and feet, eyes shut… “Life itself had given up on me” I thought to myself.
    “She’s not going to make it”.I heard a masculine voice speak. I tried fighting through the silence in my head, but the pain I felt were obstacles to my relief. I tried opening my eyes, but the lid of my eye balls fought back, like they never wanted to see the light, like they have finally accepted their new fate of darkness within the short hours of the incident….all I could feel was the slow beat of my heart…. like it was slowly giving up on me too.
     Hours later my eyes opened, I felt healed. I stood without pains, felt healthy and strong…but who was it I saw lying on the same bed I got up from?? There she laid lifeless, the most frightening thing was that she looked like me!! .
    Here I am up until now with that same question!!. WAS IT ME???…..

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