Every human that has had a formal education has at one point or the other heard the word drug abuse. Even those who did not go to school have come across this word, and have at least an idea of what it means. It is a topic taught in primary schools, secondary schools and even the introductory class of the university. This is all to make people aware of what it entails, the dangers associated with it, the need to stay safe, and how to do so.
When you hear the phrase: drug abuse, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is hard drugs (like cocaine and marijuana). This is the emphasis usually placed on drug abuse, with other aspects of it mentioned here and there passively. The use of hard drugs, and addictions to them, have caused humanity a lot of trouble over the years. So it is understandable that every time the topic is raised much attention is given to hard drugs. Despite this, there is a very subtle but great means by which drugs are abused that we must not overlook.
Self medication is this other means by which drug is abused. It is simply administering treatment for psychological or physical aliments by oneself. Self medication is not just an abuse of drug, but of power. That you have access to it doesn’t mean you should use it however you “think” right. We all have different tolerance and immunity levels. The effect of a drug on an individual, when proper prescription was given, should not be totally used as a basis for another’s use. We forget that the drugs not only manifest on the outside but within (which we cannot see).
Drugs come in different concentrations. For example, the malaria tablet: Coartem, comes in several different milligrams, and is administered based on the patients age or size. Malaria could be at an asymptomatic stage, or uncomplicated, or severe stage. The treatment given at these times can never, and should never be the same. But how can one who has not studied these things know this?
Aside the dosage, the differences in people may require that they do some certain things during their periods of medication. Like taking another drug with it, sleeping more, eating more or working out. It could even be that a particular brand of medicine cannot be used by someone because it triggers terrible reactions.
A drug that should be awarded most abused is Paracetamol. In a review of the literature: “Impact of Restraining Paracetamol Pack sizes on Paracetamol poisoning in the united kingdom.” It was said that, “Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is the most common drug taken in overdose in the UK”. Think about it this way, the united kingdom is a place where adherence to rules and law is high, with great order to things, compared to Nigeria. Now, imagine what the intake of Paracetamol in Nigeria is like, considering we engage in activities that take great toll on our body more than them.
There are so many kidney disease cases today, most can be linked to either diet or excessive intake of drugs. Paracetamol is not just the only drug abused. There is also Imodium and Tetracycline. These two drugs apparently stop one from having to visit the toilet several times, as a result if eating contaminated food. When this happens, your body is simply trying to remove all the toxic substances you may have taken. Preventing the process is like keeping and storing all kinds of dirt inside you, just because you don’t want to go to the toilet.
This last scenario is common among girls. I know I am lucky to not have terrible menstrual cramps. Those who do have them have a terrible experience. My roommate one time said, “It was like she was going to die.” I don’t mean to be heartless, but the use of drugs to relieve them of this pain is very bad. I believe there are ways to go about these things that will both bring physical relief and keep you from any impending danger. For me when I have a headache, I just sleep and eat. Most body pains are a result of stressing out oneself. When I find myself frequently going to the toilet, I go to the toilet and drink lots of water, sometimes with a little salt or sugar. When I feel uncomfortable during my period, I exercise or use an improvised hot water bottle. And when you think you have malaria go have a standard malaria test taken. The amount you spend at that moment will save you greater trouble tomorrow.
I know that the economy doesn’t help us, and going to see a doctor every time may be bothersome, but let’s try as much as possible to stay away from these chemicals called drugs. They are not all that bad in themselves, but we must be careful and do all things in moderation. Let’s go natural. We are a product of nature. There are so many household items that can be used to take care of this body. Let’s go on the Internet and search them out. Let’s determine in our hearts to live right. let’s not take things for granted. let’s not see the drugs as small and ordinary. Most of all, let’s stop the abuse of drugs, and lets do it together!!!

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  1. Good one. Your language and style was informal for the most part though. That inevitably counted against you. 14/25

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