A Broken Promise

A Broken Promise

There are some promises worth breaking in order to uphold other expedient promises. Ozovehe’s phone buzzes for the third time and he presses the ignore button without delay. If the buzzes continue, he might as well switch off his phone. He is so proud of himself for not picking or returning Ochiji’s calls. The day before he was tempted to pick up just once and clear the air, but then knowing OC that once would have been ‘way too many times’.

Three days before OC came to him to discuss how he intends for them to make quick wealth off online scams and maybe some ‘not so bad’ physical means too; like robbing their fellow students of their phones and laptops at night. He had justified the plot by saying they wouldn’t engage in anything harmful like stabbing anyone or use guns. He’s had it all figured out. All they need do was go to a juju man who lives just six miles away from their school’s third gate for jazz.

Ozovehe promised him he’d met up with when it’s time, and they would go to the juju man together. That was a promise he knew he’d never honour. But, OC would have just kept on going on and on about how important it was for them to make money and wasted the precious time he could use to study if he had out rightly refused the offer. The only thing that can deter OC is silence and that is the weapon Ozovehe decided to use.

The only thing Ozovehe’s father asks of him is to study hard at school and at the end, wear the book people’s gown and cap, take a picture and come put it in their living room. Although his father earns decent living for their small family of two, he was never educated and as such he wanted his son to be.

Years later, Ozovehe would go present his father a car instead of a glazed picture of himself in academic gown. For it’d be on the day of his convocation he’d be called for his final interview at the Leading Edge Corporation; a huge get for a fresh graduate like himself. And as he’d be getting the congratulatory handshake for his new position at the firm, Ochiji would be getting executed on the charges of theft, rape and murder.

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