A Tick Off The Bucket List

A Tick Off The Bucket List

Fatima has visible bleeding bruises all over her body, but she’s seen waltzing round the house and smiling sheepishly like someone who just won the jackpot. What a disconcerting view! Nafisat rubs her face with her right hand to wipe off the sleep and see properly. She feels so numb and sluggish yet relaxed and glad; she just woke up from a sixteen hour sleep. On a norm, Nafisat is the one of those that sleep by one am and wake up by five am. She has always craved for a time like this; work was slowly killing her. Her blood pressure readings were always over the rooftop. They vary between 140/100 and 150/100 and she’s just twenty-one years old.

The Covid19 lockdown pronouncement came at a much needed time. Although, she would have loved it if it didn’t take a pandemic for her to get some rest. Being born into an insanely wealthy family and having financial security is underrated. She automatically became the breadwinner for herself and older sister Fatima at age fifteen when their parents died in a ghastly motor accident. Fatima had always been wild and irresponsible, but Nafisat loves her all the same; she’s the only family she’s got now. Thankfully, she doesn’t worry much about accommodation, no one bothers them over the house their parents left behind.

On sighting Nafisat, Fatima lurches her bruised self loose on her, landing them both on the floor. Squeaking nonstop like a parrot whose owner just got back from a long journey, and can’t wait to report all that happened in his absence, Fatima recounts her earlier escapade to her baby sister.

Apparently, Fatima woke up as early as seven am (that’s pretty early in this isolation period) that day. She goes over to Baba Amana’s uncompleted two bedroom flat to borrow ladder. Although, the apartment is uncompleted, it has all tools one can possibly need. Baba Amana’s has it all tools completare; tools for building, farming, even nursing.

Subsequently, she proceeds to old soldier’s apartment with the ladder; scales through his fence, and plucks two bowls of cashew fruit. What baffles Nafisat is the fact that Fatima hates cashew. She doesn’t eat it neither does she eat cashew nut. She later finds out that ‘looking for old soldier’s trouble has always sat on the ninth number of Fatima’s bucket list’. And she had sustained the bruises as she was leaving old soldiers compound by deliberately shouting and throwing stones on the old man’s rooftop just to get his attention, having failed to do that while plucking the fruits.

“Thank goodness old soldier didn’t gun you down, sis!” Nafisat said as she struggles to get back on her feet and begin the usual daily routine of cooking, eating, taking her pills, pressing phone, bathing, and sleep some more. At that moment, her face lights up as she remembers she’s got her final online assessment later day for her certification as a Project Manager.



PS: How many years difference do you think is between Fatima and Nafisat? Let’s decide it together in the comment section below 🤗

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