Cloud Number Nine

Cloud Number Nine

The secondary thing that pleases Janoma greatly about the discovery of Covid19 vaccines is being able to care for her patients without fear. No doubt, she loves her job but a country that announces supplying relief equipment on TV but failed to actualise it leaves you nothing to hold on to but dread and panic. It gets even worse if you’re working as a health personnel in the city of Lagos; the headquarters and secretariat of the virus.

The principal thing is her vacay to Seychelles. The only but is she’s as single as one. But who knows, she might just find her Adam there. She’d rolled out of bed at four forty five am. Considering Lagos traffic, there is no such thing as too early. Moreover, it is a special day and the earlier it begins the better.

Janoma is still awestruck that Federal Government made good their promise by paying the hazard fee, leave bonus and a 15% salary increment for health workers. Luckily she had been saving towards the trip for eighteen months before the Pandemic began…super boxed up.

There is always joy in your heart when you start doing the things you love. Janoma is expressing this joy by glamming up in a regal purple polo; brilliant cadet jean; lilac sandals and black purse with a queen victoria-like hat to match.

Gone are the days of face mask! Of course, there are some fanatical homosapiens still wearing it; even though some of them didn’t wear it when it mattered. That isn’t Janoma’s way; what really makes a statement about her outfit is the very shiny red lipstick she’s wearing; for them to collect, she’s got to serve it na.

She nervously stepped up the stairs and makes her way to seat 08A, window seat; a perfect experience for a first time flyer.

Her heart literally skips a beat or two as she sits down looking out the window and staring at the vast runway. She immediately fishes out her phone to take a picture for the ‘gram’ before settling down to replay her engagement of some days back.

It was Atinuke’s (her colleague at work and closest friend) wedding; a typical Yoruba owambe in a beautiful hilly village in Ekiti State. She’d been paired with a dashing young man and they’d fallen in sync straight from hello. He was easy to talk; they’d virtually shared their life histories and future plans with each other within those two days. It was simply magical. That’s why it’s so strange that he’s been aloof these past fifty hours, but hey, who is counting?

“A farden for your thoughts, miss?” says a familiar voice taking seat 08B right next to her.

“Derah, what are you doing here? Wait, you’re sitting next to me? How!”  asks a visibly-clearly smitten Janoma.

Derah had spent the last fifty hours cancelling meetings and having some shifted forward, just so as to be part of Janoma’s three week’s vacation. He’d spent tangible sum of money to have his Head of Operation friend at Murtala International Airport drop the contact details of the gentleman that originally owned seat 08B and even some more dough to persuade the man to give up the seat for him in exchange for his way down the plane.

Smitten Janoma looks into his eyes and is instantly convinced that she’d be Miss Derah Nnamani in a matter of months. It was at that moment, a gorgeous flight attendant appeared for the announcement:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on-board Flight 7B9. We’re second in line to take off and are expected to be in the air in approximately five minutes time. We ask that you fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage in the overhead compartments. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in upright position for take-off. Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing Fantasy Airlines. Enjoy your flight.

Few minutes after the really skinny attendant finished her speech, the plane’s engine roared into a racket that sent Janoma clinging to Derah’s arm and her chest simultaneously. The vibration was so strong that it pulled her out of her sleep to the reality of the vibration erupting from her phone.

It was Atinuke calling her wondering where she was as she’s an hour late for her night shift at the hospital.

Shit!!!!! Janoma screamed.

It’s five minutes past curfew, worse still — 275 New Covid19 Cases in Lagos pops up on her television screen. What a nightmare!

PS: Share what you’d love to do when the Pandemic is over in the comment session with yours sincerely. Maybe, just maybe, we’d find something that’d suit Janoma when the Pandemic finally rolls off😉😉😉.

Hey! Fun fact – Ojanomare (Janoma) in Urhobo means I have met the Challenge.

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