For Better, For Worse

For Better, For Worse

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Bimpe walks sulkily to the door to open it for Maryam. She’s peeped through her peek-hole and seen her cousin’s sad face. Instead of watching film or doing something for fun she already knows she will be spending her Sunday evening listening to her cousin’s complaint about her husband yet again.

She wishes she could just tell her to buzz off but then, she does have sympathy for her. Maryam’s husband has given her a lot of pains in the less than three years they’ve been married.

The first shocker was he bringing a five year old son home one afternoon in the sixteenth month of their marriage. He had excused the presence of the child by saying “the mother refused to have an abortion before and now she doesn’t want her prospective husband to know she’s got a son.”

As hard as that pill was for her to swallow, she forgave it and move on. After all, her mother has prepped her for such:

“The key to a successful marriage is a wife who relentlessly forgives her husband’s foolishness. It’s in their nature to cheat, and it is a wife’s duty to ensure she stays desirable to prevent this. Men regardless of them being five years or ten years older than you are babies, and it is a wife’s job to help her husband grow into maturity. O ní láti fa ojú ọkọ ẹ mọ́ra ní ìgbà gbogbo (she added in Yorùbá to drive home the point).  That was her mother’s farewell speech to her the night before her wedding.

Meanwhile, Victor is merely six months older than she is (Suffice to say he is a foetus, yea?)and technically, he didn’t cheat on her. The child was born way before they met.

The next blow was Victor leaving home just four months after he brought home his son for a little less than three months. She didn’t despair much because at least he calls her once in a while and sends money for upkeep. He lied to her that he was going out of town for a summit organised by his company.

Although there were many nights she called and heard a woman’s voice in the background. On one occasion the woman had called for him to come join her in bed. But then, he was keeping it a secret, which means he respects her, right?

When he eventually came home he became cold and distant. He wouldn’t even touch her. After two weeks, she woke him up in the middle of the night with tears. Luckily, Victor’s heart isn’t entirely made of hard bricks; he confessed to her that he was in town for the three months he was away.

And that he only came back when he caught one of the girls he was having affair with say on the phone to someone that her HIV test result came out positive. He went further to say that he’d gone for the test and it’s positive…massive blow.

The past four months for Maryam has been immensely tough, in between she was able to take the HIV tests from two different hospitals and they came out negative. What really brought her to her cousin’s house is the latest stunt pulled by her husband.
He presented her with divorce papers the day before saying he’s decided to offer her freedom.

“What should I do with this ‘freedom’ Bimpe” Maryam asks her cousin amidst the tears running down her cheeks.






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  1. Wisdom is profitable to direct in this situation… I won’t say more than that. It was a good read tho

  2. This one is tough o! She has every reason o divorce the husband. Yet, if she feels she can forgive him despite all his misdeed, who are we to judge her?

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