I reclined on the mattress to induce myself to sleep, so as to curb the rumblings in my stomach. Suddenly the left hemisphere of my brain twitched and I remembered! I jumped on my feet and starting reciting all the psalms I know, praying that the pepper and vegetables behind the lodge remain intact and enough to make soup. As luck would have it, they were. So, I picked some and made my way down to one of the stores down the street where I purchased half litre of kerosene.

Luckily, I’ve got some Elubo (yam flour) left. I said a quick prayer; frantically asking the heavens to make the feet of my friends stumble on the way and change their course until I finished eating my meal.

After what seemed like eternity, the meal got done and I sat to eat, Nina my closest Corper friend came in. it took a less than a second before she started laughing at my bare meal. Bare as in it has no fish, meat or ponmo. You can’t blame her really; it is somewhat pathetic feeding the way I do. But then, one never knows when the pandemic would be over. Travelling from Adamawa to Lagos without the restrictions and curfew is stressful enough, not to add the risk of getting infected with Covid19.

After explaining to Nina my reason for being dramatically prudent with cash, she snapped out of the mockery business. Nina is one of those people who are naturally blessed with money making physiology and face. I’ve always been envious of her.

Why don’t you just convert your passion to a money making enterprise?

We would go back and forth on the importance of doing what comes naturally to one and eventually, come to the discovery that mine is cooking. 

The  good thing is the pandemic allows you sell food and pharmaceuticals stuff and even though a lot of things are currently on hold; eating isn’t. Should this food making business flourish, it’d be all thanks to having someone like Nina to brainstorm with.

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