Home, Love and Bond

Home, Love and Bond

You may not be able to fathom the joy I have in my heart as we waved down a taxi at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport,Lagos. It’s been two years of living in the abroad; finally I’m going to see my folks in a matter of hours.

Guess what? I’m bringing home to my folks a prospective son. Caleb and I got engaged four months back in the states and now he’d be meeting my parent and my very protective big brother who also double as my best friend.

The funny thing is I had a very strange relationship with my brother while we were younger. We were always bickering and fighting about something as kids. But then again, maybe it isn’t unusual since this is a normal tale most siblings relate to.

Nowadays, I find myself wondering why we spend so much time talking about some types of love and ignore the one between siblings. We praise agape. We deny eros in public but cuddle it behind closed doors; other times we stroke it in the face of the stars, moon and the waves of the ocean. But, we hardly talk about the bond between siblings.

Whenever my brother and I would quarrel back then, mama would always remind us about how the two of us have the closest DNAs in the entire world. She’d go further to emphasis how big of a big deal that is and as such we should be buddies and look out for each other. It never made much sense until I fell sick when I was thirteen years old.

My then and still quite troublesome big brother became so calm and caring. He never left my bed side for the entire two week I spent in the hospital. It was at that period we became best of friends. At a point, I thought it was because he could feel some of the pain I was feeling in his DNA. I still tease him about it that he glued himself to me back then because he needed to stay in proximity for the pills I was taking to ease some of the pains in his DNA.

Now, what I really can’t wait for is how he’d drill Caleb before acclimatising to him as his new ‘sibling’ and my husband in ‘waiting’.

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