Life isn’t Ice-Cream

Life isn't Ice-Cream

Why does it always rain the hardest on the people who deserve the sun? This was the thought that kept on ringing in Mary’s mind as she runs her finger through the bottle of sniper in her hand thinking about the first trip she made to the hospital three weeks ago. She had dressed herself in a nice dress and wore a bright smile as she made her way to the doctor’s office. A perfect dinner plan for later was already playing on the background of her mind. Even though she was menstruating then, she was convinced it was pregnancy and that the doctor would definitely find a drug to correct the little situation. What other thing could make a married lady faint and cause her to vomit from time to time if not pregnancy, right? She couldn’t wait to see how glad Moses, her husband and best friend would be. They had gotten married barely five months ago but she knows he couldn’t wait to have a little girl or boy running round the house and calling him daddy. It was on that very day a huge part of her dead; she got the result and it wasn’t pregnancy. And that automatically led to more trips to the hospital.

Meeting Moses was the highlight of her life. She’d gone through chronic panic and anxiety disorder, People-pleasing problems and problems with relationships in the past. She was raised by a father that believes it was necessary for a child to fear her father in order to be successful. In fact her father used to pride himself for possessing cruel child rearing tools like jaw cracking slaps, koboko and so on. And her mother, she was occupied with the thoughts of having more children and seeing to it that her father doesn’t take another wife to notice how terrible things were for her. It wasn’t until the universe aligned her path with Moses during her service year (NYSC) did she truly know the meaning of happiness. He was her comforter; it was with him by her side she was able to get her life together and started living instead of merely existing.

Now that she’s finally living life; built herself a flourishing interior décor business and married a man who is the exact opposite of her father and loves her more than she’s ever imagined she could be loved, she discovers the major blood vessels that supply her heart with blood, nutrients and oxygen is damaged! The only thing that stuck with her from the entire doctor’s talk is that the disease has no cure! How unfair can life get? She could already see how things would turn out – Frequent trips to the hospital, Moses making extensive research about the Coronary Artery Disease, living on drugs and all. There’s no point going through all that. She’s made her decision, dying is better than living like a lab rat sampling which drug works best to prolong her life for just a little bit. She closed her eyes and opened the sniper insecticide bottle swallowed it all in one gulp.

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