Mother Hen

Mother Hen

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.
Sigmund Freud


Dear Mr Adeyemi,

I know I’ll probably get a big zero with my ears and eyes attached to it with this composition. But, I better get zero than tell you tomorrow morning that I didn’t do my homework, when it’s time for English lesson. The question says write a composition on your mother. Taking from the class work; Mother Hen, I believe my dad is a mother hen and as such, he is a mother.

Mother Hen protects her chicks from the eagle’s wicked claws and provides them warmth. My dad does more than that.

My dad is a super hero. His name is Adeyemi Sunday. His favourite colour is white and he loves wearing it. However, he is used to wearing dark colours now because I usually end up staining his whites.

My dad favourite food is Eba and Okro but he rarely prepares it because I don’t eat it. My dad comes to my room in the middle of the night everyday to plant soft kisses on my forehead and check if all is well before going back to bed.

My dad can’t bear to see me cry, it breaks his heart I know. But still, he disciplines me I do naughty things. Daddy is the strongest and most fun loving man I know. I particularly love how he backs me while doing all the house chores and still manages to do them well. 

Daddy never jokes with his job. Daddy would rather work on his computer than watch the TV adult films or my favourite show; Sophia the great… Well, maybe it’s because he is a terrible TV watcher. Whenever we would go out to the cinema back then, daddy would sleep off barely ten minutes into the movie.

Daddy is the breadwinner of our family. My dad is the home maker of our home. Daddy is our chef. He is our laundry man. He is my bed time story teller. My dad is my best friend. And recently, because of the virus that kills people who walk on the street without any important reason, particularly without their face masks; my dad is my lesson teacher.

Daddy, I really like aunt Cynthia. I know you like her too. Can she also become a mother hen for our family? Daddy you’re the best I love you, but aunt Cynthia style my hair way better than you do. Not that it’s a big deal.

Mr Adeyemi, thank you for being three in one; Daddy –  Mummy – Best Friend.

I Love You;My Mother Hen. 

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