Hi, my name is Sophia and I am murophobic.

I bet you’d agree with me that rats are amidst the top three creatures that inspire dread. They are purveyors of disease and the most horrifying house pests.


Standing in front of my uncle’s house after eleven weeks of ‘no show’ it occurred to me I need a plan on how to defend my slipshod attitude before ringing the bell. Should I assume the air of guilt or just flow like it’s no big deal? Gosh! How I wish I’d been showing my face from time to time. Maybe I should just tell him work has been crazy; it has been really, so it’s no lie. He can’t possibly know I spent last weekend at a friend’s crib. Neither is he aware that I travelled out of town two weeks back nor sniff that I was planning on clubbing tonight before sensing the presence of those rats. Las las I’d shut my ears to his reprimanding and feign remorse. Since there’s no way in hell I am going back to my apartment tonight. Thankfully, I left behind some clothes while moving out five months ago.

Asides mosquitoes, rats and their cousins; mice are the creatures I wish never made it to Noah’s Ark. They should have been swept away during that flood. How those sons of a gun entered my apartment is a misery I still can’t unfold! It just doesn’t add up. I live on the third floor, I don’t keep my trash lying around, those living on the ground floor don’t even complain about rat. Now, this is clearly my paternal village people at work. I am sure they are after my peace of my mind.

Slowly,  I reached for my side pocket to get my phone in order to call Kevin and inform him I won’t be able to make it to the club that night neither would I be able to face-time him. Knowing my somewhat clingy boyfriend, the next thing he’d say is for us to face-time through the night since we can’t see physically. And knowing my chatty uncle, he’s going to spend hours schooling me on the importance of family and that family sticks together. Just then, Kevin’s message came through…
“Babe, where are you? I’ve been waiting at yours  for over two hours; I could have sworn I heard you fiddling with keys at the door like an hour ago or so

Lol! It all makes sense now; the noise from my apartment earlier was Kevin’s movement not rats. Guess, it’s not yet time to listen (again) to my uncle’s family lecture.


PS: Like Sophia, I am Murophobic 😂. Tell me, what’s your phobia?

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  1. Will Kelvin still allow you go to your uncle’s house ? *just wondering* lovely Tabitha! nice write up.
    But finish it nah!!

  2. Another suspense…*angry face* . it was an interesting read though, so I can’t stay angry…*smiles*

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