Pregnant Silence

Pregnant Silence

Angela stood transfixed at the podium at loss of words. Seeing the many faces lit up in admiration of what she’s achieved, she can’t help herself than to shed a tear. Her foundation is a year old, and coincidentally, she was named Minster for Youth and Urban Development of her state few hours ago. This is no place or time for tears, she avowed; even if it is tears of joy. Smiling brightly, she cleared her throat to suspend the huskiness till much later when she’s alone. She tapped the microphone and smiled yet again…

Some years back, Angela had lost her parents and four siblings when some gang of robbers came to rob their house. She was spared because the head of the gang took a ‘liking’ to her. While the others were raiding her father’s cabinet for documents and money; and her mother’s wardrobe for gold and jewels, the boss; TJ was desecrating her body in such animalistic manner. He’d joked back then that he was sparing her because she’s a fine girl, and he’d love for himself a fine son and daughter like her. As he was damn sure the work he did on her body would come to fruition in nine months’ time. Good thing the heavens didn’t curse the intercourse more by making it yield a baby.

Right after the incident, her uncle, Tommy took her under his wings. It was a struggle living with his family as his wife was a replica of Cinderella’s step mother and her two girl, the wicked step sisters. Her uncle later sent her to continue her studies abroad – what a perfect gentleman, yea? Reverse would be the case on one of her visits to her uncle’s during break from school when she’d see the gold earrings her father bought her mum, for her fortieth birthday a week before their demise on her aunt.

The last straw that broke her doubts was seeing TJ’s missed calls on her uncle’s phone. Convinced it all couldn’t be a coincidence she hung around listening to his conversations and she eventually heard her uncle instructing ‘TJ’ to kill a business partner of his.

As painful as this knowledge was, Angela kept it to herself. However, she became more comfortable with asking for financial aid from her uncle. It is rightfully hers anyways. The downside to all this is the constant nightmare of her dead folks, which creeps into her sleep each night and the never ending pain, she feels from time to time.

Now that she is able to stand on her own and have credible connections, she’d leave no stone unturned till she gets justice for her dead folks.

“…You know, I was up last night thinking about the right words to say. I just couldn’t arrange my thoughts. So, I decided it’d be better to stand before you and speak from my heart. At the risk of sounding arrogant and offending some highly entitled folks here today, I’d like to say the one thing that ultimately brought me where I am today is me. You see, my strength came from constantly picking myself up when ever I get trampled upon. My strength came from forging ahead regardless of how I felt. Oh! I’ve felt several emotions; been through some major ups and downs; in fact at a point in my life I was so down that rock bottom was high above me. Through it all I stayed resilient. These days I get asked for the secret to my success, I imagine I’m expected to say there’s some sort of secrecy or super powers at work. The truth is I am my SuperPower. And as such, I’d implore you to be your super powers too. There’s really no limit to what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Now, I know this is gradually becoming a motivational talk, so I’d finish up by admonishing us not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness! Thank you!”

Angela descended the podium amidst a roaring applause. Somehow, Uncle Tommy felt threaten and he was right to have felt that way as his end would come in exactly two months from that night.

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