Riding The Cotton Pony

Riding The Cotton Pony

Out of the blues, a hideous monster descends on Abebi stabbing and twisting her insides with a sharp knife and grinding the pieces into a bloody liquid. After some time the monster pours the liquid in a large jar and seals it so tightly that the liquid has no way of escape. Thereafter, he bores a not so big hole in the jar and starts pouring the liquid on Abebi’s size fourteen butt. Although the initial stabbing and twisting has stopped, a different sort of pain possesses Abebi as the monster starts emptying the liquid on her round soft buttocks. The pain became so unbearable that she screams out loud right out of her nightmare only to be faced with the nightmare in reality.

She stands up reluctantly, drags off the sheets from her mattress and walks straight into the bathroom. She knows this routine so well already. The next five days are going to be filled with frequent visits to the bathroom, feeling wet and icky, and a rollercoaster of emotions. 

As soon as she finishes getting padded and dressed, she pops some diclofenac tablets in her mouth and washes them down with water. She picks up her phone and texts her boo just so he’d know to curtail his usual sarcasms and excessiveness for the period:
“My girl has started her monthly job; she came through with a bad nightmare. Super Cranky!!!”

As she makes her way to Phil HallMark Mall to get her big sister a present for her birthday; first birthday as a mother, she makes a mental note to ask her what child bearing feels like. Abebi sucks at getting presents but this time she’s so sure that her sister would love the lingerie and high heels sanders.

Later that day, after she and her sister laughed over her terrible choice of presents, her sister describes what child bearing feels like. She describes it as menstrual cramps multiplied by a million. And that as you’re striving to process that pain, some doctor who is totally oblivious to what is happening in your body would come rip your hips apart saying they’re only trying to make it all go away. However, she assures her that once she holds her baby in her hand all the pain will be ‘completely forgotten’.

If all the pains are truly ‘completely forgotten’, why does her sister have some much agony in her voice as she was describing the experience? She immediately makes a fresh mental note to research about Modern Day Motherhood and Surrogacy when she gets back to her apartment.

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