The King Of The Jungle

The King Of The Jungle

At the dawn of times, long before Lion became the King of the Jungle, there was another Jungle Lord. The first Lord of the Jungle was Ògòngà; a mysterious bird.

This bird had the head of humans and the body of a bird. He possessed limbs similar to that of an ostrich, and big fluffy wings fuller than that of any bird in existence. He had no neck, even though his head was exactly like that of the humans, except that it’s naturally bald and detached from his body. There was always a form of social distancing (a metre to be exact) between his bald head and his body.

At that time Ògòngà had no offspring. Generally, the animals back then were not many, as it takes a long period of time to procreate. And an even longer time was fated for Ògòngàs to procreate by the creator; their procreation time was destined to be three millenniums.

It is a known fact that the calamity that pestered the animal kingdom in ancient time is famine.

There was a huge famine in the kingdom at this time. One more severe than any that came after it. The plants refused to grow and hideous thorns sprouted out on all the animals’ body; making it impossible for carnivores to feed as well.

One day, Lord Ògòngà journeyed to the sea to catch some fish in order to arrest the hunger rumbling his stomach.There he caught eleven beautiful mermaids whom against their mother’s warning swam to the surface of the sea. He was overjoyed. 

As he was about to leave, the Mermaid Queen swam out and pleaded with him to release her children, and that in exchange she would cause the dry lands to flourish and cure the sprouted thorns on all animals’ body.

Ògòngà agreed to her offer on the grounds that he release for her five of her children instantly and the rest when she fulfils all she promised. 

The Mermaid Queen agreed. And off went Ògòngà with the remaining six mermaids to the dry lands.
Within three days, the grass became green, plants flourished and the sprouted thorns on all animals disappeared. Order came to the dry lands once again.

However, Ògòngà refused to release the remaining six mermaids.Disregarding, his wife’s advice and plea, he started killing the mermaids and eating them one by one. To top it all, he started went round the kingdom showing off their bones “… behold the Lord of the Jungle and how delights himself with the flesh of mermaids, he’d boost”.

Then, on a faithful day, he passed through the pride land boosting as usual. Although it is treason to go against the Lord of the Jungle, the pride leader couldn’t stand Ògòngà’s heartlessness. So, he snuck up into his chambers that night and rescued the remaining two mermaids and voyaged to the sea to deliver them to their mother.

The Mermaid Queen was so grateful for the kind gestures that she divided her royalty aura into two and awarded half of it to the Lion, and blessed him with a powerful gift called ‘ROAR’. She then strucked Ògòngà dead.

Due to the death of Ògòngà, his wife couldn’t procreate as there was no other animal fit to mate with her. After living for another eight millienium, the she died and their specie became extinct.

And Lion became till this day, ‘The King Of The Jungle’.





PS: What lesson(s) have you learnt from this fable? Kindly share with me in the comment session 🤗💕.

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