Once upon in a time, there was famine in the animal forest. There was nothing for them to eat and they were all dying as a result of hunger. The Tigerlord while meditating one evening and thinking about the possible solution to survive the famine, raised his head up and noticed that the trees in their land have on them ripe sumptuous fruits. Thus, he summons a meeting of the elders, to think about the possible means to get access to the fruits to feed themselves; nothing compares to flesh, but fruit is way better than hunger. He reasoned.

“My Lord, it is true we can climb trees but then, we all know we are not efficient tree climbers! These trees are way too high for tigers. Let’s send a message to the smallish monkey clan of the Monkeyhood”, suggested the tiger officer of preys.

The idea greatly pleased the Tigerlord, and so they sent a message to the Lord of the Monkeyhood, with a pact stating that the monkey would claim the trees and pluck fruits for tigers to eat, and that the monkey can as well feed on the fruits, and as regards their safety, they promised that no tiger would harm any monkey.

The Monkeys accepted this offer and came down to Tigerhood. They plucked fruits for the tigers and also feed on the fruits. Amazingly, the more they pluck the fruits, the more the fruits became. The monkeys and tigers then lived together for several months in peace and harmony. However, in the tenth month, the Tigerlord tired of eating fruits called a meeting of the tigers and ask the tigers to imagine how delicious the monkeys’ hearts. This excited all the tigers and they went to the monkeys that they should come down from the trees as they would like to host a carnival to make ten months of togetherness.

The monkeys accepted the offer and came down from the trees. Once they were down, all the tigers surrounded them and making mischievous comments about how delicious looking the monkeys are and how nice their hearts must taste. The tigers, as it is their nature to hunt and kill in ambush, were trying poorly to take the monkeys by surprise by making indiscreet jokes about the monkeys heart!

The monkeys sensed that the comments were the true intention of the tigers, and so, they monkey lord replied;
“The monkeys’ heart even taste better if a monkey holds it’s kidney in his hands”
Hearing this, the Tigerlord asked, “So where are your kidneys now?”
‘We leave them on the tree top whenever we’re invited for carnivals, we only take them along for breakfast invitation’, replied the Monkeylord.

They ate fruits, danced and merry that night.
Now, they Tigerlord asked them to come down the next day for breakfast. The Monkeylord agreed and went up the tree with his clan. The tigers were so happy about the idea of eating the monkeys with their kidneys in their hand the next day that they ate very little fruits during the carnival.

The next morning, the tigers shat their bowels out in anticipation; some of them puked their gut out, and then called out to the monkeys.
‘Monkeys, come down for breakfast’, said the Tigerlord.
“We will no longer deal with tigers”, replied the Monkeylord.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, and eventually, all the tigers of Tigerhood died of hunger. After a while, the Monkeylord instructed some monkeys to build a sign post at the entrance of the hood that reads:
“Apocalypse came for all Tigers! Long live THE TIGERHOOD LAND OF MONKEYS”

…and the monkeys lived happily ever after!

PS: Folktales are essentially designed to teach morals. Kindly drop one or two lessons you learnt from this tale in the comment section below!

Oh! Happy workers! TGIF!!!

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  1. I was just trying to imagine from the title what type of story it would be. I never made the connection and the story ended just when I was enjoying it. Can’t you just make your stories longer?

  2. 1. You can’t say you are truly wise or smart if you can’t control your mouth
    2. An unbridled mouth might be your death
    3. controlling your instinctive desires might sometimes be your best bet at survival
    4. A sworn oath is to be protected regardless of a change in feelings.
    5. Some people would still remain evil regardless of the kindness you show them.

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