Torukro delightedly removed her overall dress and walked straight into the beach in her two piece bikini. This is the moment she’s always dreamt of. Finally she’s doesn’t feel like jumping out of her body. She’s well aware of the numerous stares of both male and female alike that follow her as she walks into the beach, and that gladdens her immensely – it is a symbol excellence for a well won battle.

There were nights just eight months back, she’d wake up gasping for air due to her weight; suffice to say peace wasn’t a word present in her lexicon. At twenty, she was already diagnosed with Sleep apnea, High Blood Pressure, fatty liver disease among others.

Torukro was never a slim person; in fact the major proof of being a true child of the Okobatins is having ‘thick body’. Having dimples and gap tooth are added advantages in justifying a true born as well. She parked all these three and topped it with a face exactly like that of her father. This of course was responsible for the excess love showered on her by her mother (Enai). Torukro had vindicated her of the adultery allegations levied against her.

Okobatin Jn travelled a lot when Enai fell pregnant. She wasn’t liked by her husband sisters who unluckily for her lived together with them. Her husband is the only male child in his family and also the breadwinner for his immediate family and two younger sisters; who do nothing but jump from one man to the other. Another thing that gives them pleasure is frustrating Enai, their brother’s wife.

Enai and the Igbo guy selling electronics right next to her shop have such a good neighbourly relationship; one won’t be wrong to call them best of friends. This relationship however became a thorn in Enai’s flesh as her sisters-in-law won’t just believe it’s platonic with no strings attached.

Torukro’s birth justified her greatly. Not only did she proof that she was indeed her father’s daughter, ‘the aunties’ loved her greatly.

Growing up, Torukro was spoilt silly. If one of the aunts wasn’t buying her ijekuje, the other is. Enai would also buy her daughter ice cream and pie from time to time. The father wasn’t an exception either; he never failed to bring home special cookies from his travels to his thick daughter. Even after the birth of her twin younger brothers, the treats continued.
Losing weight isn’t just about physical health; it could also signify emotional wellness. 

Torukro added more pounds after she caught her boyfriend in bed with her classmate in bed. Instead of apologizing or trying to mend things, her boyfriend had instantly broke up their relationship. He called it quit by saying; he was tired of rolling with a hippopotamus. Torukro had chiefly self medicated with junks, foods, and more junks.

As the flesh added up her unhappiness grew. She simply couldn’t find the spark to overhaul her life and take control of her depression. It wasn’t until she got diagnosed of several obesity induced diseases she found the strength to take control of her insatiable addiction of foods and junks and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Although it wasn’t an easy journey, Torukro now sees food as fuel for her body and not as a consolation for tough times, pleasure or escape from reality, and she loves every bit of it.

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