True Happiness

True Happiness

The day’s work has finally come to an end. But, Nosa sits back in the office with intents to spend the night. But, luck isn’t on his side. His witch of a boss walks right into the kitchen, to pick her car keys that she leaves there earlier. He greets her goodnight pretending to have come to pick up something. She doesn’t answer, but then again it’s no big deal; she’s like that, everyone knows.

Raining season is supposed to be a total blessing since the grass becomes green offering beautiful scenery, plants flourish providing foods, and the weather is so soothing that we even call it weather for two.

However, when you have important appointment and the rain showers cease to stop, or your laundry lined outside to dry becomes wet; you question the goodness of rain. In Nosa’s case, he is wondering how to get home.

Nosa’s city drainage system is so terrible that the flood it causes swallow cars up at times. Transportation price during this period increases to times two/three or four. His main trouble is he has just little money on him as he leaves his wallet on the couch that morning.
He manages to trek a sizable distance and use the token he has on to pay his fare. 

By the time he gets home, it’s already midnight. The joy that floods him as he opens the pot and sees beans is simply divine. There is also water in the kegs for their bath against the morrow. All this is so unlike Osas; Nosa’s roommate. But all these are nothing in the face of the message Nosa receives just now.
His boss is saying he should take a day off to get himself together as he doesn’t look so well of late.

Now, this message is what best defines true happiness.

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