Ugly Truths

Ugly Truths

“Two roads diverged in a wood…and I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference”

Robert Frost

Dabota heaves a sign of relief as the bus roars into motion. In some hours time, she’d be in her hometown; Nembe. She reads through the message on her screen for the millionth time. She wishes she could say more but adjectives keep dodging their nouns. Quality over quantity it is then.

They say the moment your eyes open to your truths; no matter how ugly they are, is the moment you start living. She’s known her truth for a while now – It was high time she cut off ties with Desmond. The problem is, her chest constrict at the thoughts discussing ‘break up’ yet again with Desmond.

She could already see how the talk would turn out if she doesn’t take a different approach this time. They’d start wasting words and gradually, it’d lead to a heated argument and some frenzied fucking (that includes but not limited to choking, banging themselves into walls, and breaking stuff) would follow suit.

Dabota has never been a fast learner; school was super hard for her. After spending a total of six years for a four year course, she came out with a pass. And truthfully, it was a win for her. It took her time before she finally accepted that her core depression busters are the insensitive words Desmond hauls at her from time to time and the occasional punches.

Desmond is a good boyfriend in some ways; He knows his ways with gifts. He makes her feel beautiful and sexy. It was him that paid for her extra semesters. He was her absolute soul-mate. Only that her soul has been a wreck ever since she moved in with him. Certainly, the only way out is this route she is taking now. She reads through the message on her phone’s screen once more before sending it.

I have so much doubt in my mind as I am writing this. You’ve been the voice inside my head for four years. I don’t know how I’d carry on honestly. But I do know I deserve better. It’s no longer fair to me having to endure your sword of a tongue, your wild mood swings and fury temper. This is goodbye, Desmond. Do not contact me again.

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