Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Any city, however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of the poor, the other the city of the rich; these are at war with one another.

Just like that a year of serving the father’s land has finally come to an end. The Corper Shun! Ajuwaya! salutes are now over with. No more allawee alerts or free rides that usually accompany the khaki attire. Well, who says the latter needs to end though? It’s not like the federal government would collect their khakis back, lol.

For sure, life is difficult for the financially handicap folks. But jasper doesn’t let that affect him much. He has an escape; his potent coping mechanism – dreams.

Dreams are one of jasper’s favourite things. It is this abstract world he lives the life he’s always wanted; a world where he doesn’t worry about money or cloths or food or other life’s essentials.

He’s always known that what is good for the goose is never good for the gander, at least not in Nigeria. But then, knowledge is fickle and we tend to forget the principles that govern the society we live in at times. A night of such forgetfulness was Jasper’s undoing.

It was his Passing Out Parade (POP) after party and his Community Development Service (CDS) group big boys had invited him to party. His top dry cleaning business client (Jake) offered him a ride to and fro the fiesta.

If only there is a meter that detects what happens in the future, Jasper would have employed it services and stayed back in his room that night. And enjoy the bliss of sleep and the luxury of his delightful dreams.

A fight broke out during the course of their merriment at the party between Jake and one other ajebota guy. It went from words to punches, as jasper reaches the cycle; the light went out by the time it was back on, the ajebota dude was already dead on the floor.

For Jake, insanity was his permit to freedom. Naïve Jasper taught that would work for him as well. His forgets his father is merely a chief tenant in one of the cribs on Lagos lowland. Jasper’s father is however the owner of several terraces on Lagos mainland as well as on the island.

Jake is going abroad for further observations and treatments. Jasper is to rout in the cell.

The ray of hope for Jasper is no matter how long the sun stays in the sky, it will eventually roll away for moon. When, the moon comes, he can also travel abroad, not for treatments but for some gelato treats. And maybe, just maybe one day his father’s old friend would link his father with the president and he’d get the state pardon just in time before his execution.

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