I finished my algorithm assignment, slammed the textbook shut and pushed my reading table aside when a familar Voice breezed my ear.

“Pray now”, faint as the touch of a feather, but unmistakable.


I was so hungry and I just returned from school. This assignment was crucial, it counted as the continuous assessment for this course with a grade mark of 40 attached to it, I dare not miss it so I attended to it before anything else immediately I returned back to the hostel.

I wish I didn’t, but I ignored The Voice and made an hasty promise to pray later but first I needed to have a good bath and a decent meal since I’ve not gotten anything to eat at school.

I grab two satchet of Indomie and pulled out my rusty stove under the cupboard where it lay, I made some magical gestures and rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower. By the time I came out, the aroma of Indomie had filled the air, so I fried an egg and took out the Fanta I bought at the tuck shop on my way back. I balanced on my bed to end the revisit of the clashing titans in my stomach. The food was super spicy exactly the way I like it and I was already dripping from my head. But, it didn’t go well without company. So, since my roommate wasn’t back to rant about the day, I picked up my phone to complete the movie I had started to watch the day before.

As I reached out to grab my phone I heard The Voice again “Don’t” this time with a little force.

“I’m almost done with the movie, it won’t take more than the time I’d spend to eat”, I played the movie.

Of course, the movie exceeded the time I spent to eat and I was so engrossed I forgot about the pending promise to pray. The last scene I remember as I laid my head on the pillow and my eyes started to close were the dazzling colours playing on the screen.

I woke up the next morning, 7:45 am!

“Oh great!”

I had a lecture by 8am. I hurriedly cleaned up and stuffed my bag with my notes and rushed out. I got to class just few seconds to 8am, the lecturer trailing behind on my way in. I found a seat as I relaxed quite satisfied with myself when I heard the Head of class request for the submission of the algorithm assignment. My head caught in mid-air, I gropped at my bag and searched for my assignment, when I remembered that I left it on my table at the hostel!

Then I heard The Voice from yesterday in all gentleness.

“I wanted you to pray so I could remind you to put your assignment into your bag”

I could only feel the pressure of my teeth against my lip as I watched the stack of assignment paper ready to be submitted missing mine. What would my fate be this semester?


  • The Holy Spirit is constantly guiding and nudging our heart. We must choose to obey, beacause we only know in part, but He knows all and sees all.
    Obey before it is drowned in the sea of our mind.

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