Hi, I’m Tammy. I don’t like food that much and I’m allergic to seafood. I think you’re one of the most handsome men I’ve ever talked to, I reiterate things when I mean them: I think you’re one of the most handsome men in the universe.
I am a writer, and trust me i’ve written a million love stories and a thousand love poems but I’ve never known what true love feels like, I hope that it’s real and I hope that you show me.
I’m a weird omnivertand I’m learning to love that about myself.
I’m pretty big, I’ve got a big head and a bigass heart too. I deal with depression, pretty heavy sometimes. I have a painful past, I don’t know if I’ll let you in on that, I’m very secretive I won’t tell you everything all at once, and you shouldn’t make me. I will unravel at my own pace. I have anxiety issues and you just know my darling that I have voice as loud as an elephant’s trunk but as low as a cat’s meow, I hope you have so much patience to deal with that.
I’m trying to understand how I’m such a contradiction but maybe you’ll learn to love this in the same way I’m learning to love myself.
Yea, on the topic of love? If we’ll be together I don’t want our relationship to kickstart on the note of emotions but on decisions. I need you to decide to love me the same way someone decides to go to work everyday. I need you to decide to love me when I show up at your doorsteps with a pair of joggers and oversize t-shirts with a messy hair. I need you to decide to love me when you realise that on the flip side of my gorgeous is irritating. I need you to decide to love me when you find out I have love handles and stomach pooch and all other imperfect curves that I’m starting to call perfect.
I need you to understand that change is going to happen. We’re going to change as people and we will change as a couple. I need you to be open to our growth. This relationship might end in marriage, this relationship might not end at all but wherever it ends know that we’ll be better than we came into it.
Hey, I’m scared. I guess love is worth the risk anyways.
_Your next girlfriend,

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  1. Beautiful piece Tammy. True love is really worth the wait especially when it eventually happens with the right person.
    Hey, while you wait, keep falling in love with yourself!

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