Election Palaver:  Man Divorces Wife for Insisting on Voting for Buhari


Election palaver:  Man divorces wife for insisting on voting for Buhari

Few weeks before the 2019 presidential elections, a man identified as Abdullahi Yada’u, calls it a quit on his wife for having contending political views. Hmmm! I know you are wondering right? If you are a Nigerian, by now, you should already know that nothing really takes us unawares.

According to BBC Hausa Service,  Mr. Yada’u who is a resident of Kanam LGA of Plateau State, divorced his wife, Hafsat Suleiman, because she insisted on voting for Mr. Buhari.

He said “I told her that she must not vote for him (Buhari), but she insisted, which led to a quarrel that attracted the attention of our neighbors. I slapped her and told her to choose between voting for Buhari and staying with me. She ran away”.

He also stated that previously, both of them supported Mr. Buhari in the 2015 elections, which according to him, didn’t turn out favorable as he felt disappointed with the administration and decided not to vote for him again.

Despite his pleas to convince his wife, she remained unyielding in her decision to vote for Buhari which stirred up the quarrel between both parties.


However, Hafsat’s elder brother, Ibrahim Suleiman, expressed his anger at Abdullahi’s action, saying the family had decided that the couple should go their separate ways.

Now, this is serious… do you think the man was right or wrong?

Following this story, do you think political opinions actually matter in a relationship?  Tell us if you would be in a relationship with someone with a different political opinion.

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