Just Another End SARS Hashtag

Just Another End SARS Hashtag


Bloodsucking vampires

Roaming about the streets in disguise

Wearing  that badge of honour which has become a licence to kill

A licence to put an end to people’s destiny

A licence for pure savagery–

Sowing seeds of sadness in families

In hypocrisy and reckless destruction

Nothing remains sacred or innocent

Rather we are all innocent criminals

Sentenced to die for a curse we know not

In the hands of these uncircumcised recruits

Who can barely identify their purpose

I weep for my country and community

One day, it’ll rain blood

Cos’  of innocent souls killed  

And then, we can only hope we don’t all drown in our own blood

For the stilts which our land is built can no longer hold


Our conscience has gone sabbatical

Maybe we show remorse, but with no repentance

Because justice is never served to show repentance

And the remorse felt clears off

When another innocent civilian refuses you bribe

The erratic thoughts that dances in your head are

“Shoot him, Shoot him!”

Then our hearts become heavy again

Our faces burn again

Should we all carry guns and shoot at each other

So that when we are injured

We would find not even a single paramedic to suture our wounds

Because we are all wounded.

What if you were the shadow of Kolade and others

Whose lives ended mysteriously

Who didn’t plan to die the day they died

We cry for justice to a system that’s no longer built to accept us

We keep tweeting #endsars #justiceforkolade and others

Tagging the same leaders who have lost their dignity

When will we see justice for its true colour?

For an axiom says, ‘Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.’

May justice prevail.

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