I for don blow but I too dey press my phone

I for don blow but I too dey press my phone

What do you think you would have achieved if you didn’t spend about 12hours daily pressing your phone? ๐Ÿค”

This week, we had a chance to interview Hymar David, the author of “I for don blow but I too dey press my Phone” a book which got alot of young people laughing and questioning their life decision.

I think my own version of this is “If for don blow but I too dey sleep for bed” ๐Ÿฅบ

P.S: We would like to also point out that this interview has by far been the fastest interview we have ever conducted!. The rate at which Hymar David responds on social media is very fast!. Even though he has written this book, he still too dey press him phone.๐Ÿ˜…

I’m guessing the million dollar question on everybody’s mind is:

How did you come up with the title for your book?!

I was still in the process of writing it when it came to me. I noticed I was spending too much time online. Maybe I was tired or just lazy, whatever, social media was more convenient for me than Microsoft Word document. I imagined what my mama would say to that. Something like, na why you no see work, you too dey press that phone from morning till night.

The next thing, I had a title.

Mad o. Another million dollar question I think people would like to know is:

Now that you have written the book and published, Have you blown?

Hahaha hahahaha. I will like to answer with a quote from the book where I wrote, “Some people Don already blow because dem never see million for account dem no know.”

I never see million for account o. So don’t ask me if I Don blow, I no know. Hahahaha

Lol. Aside having a million in your account, what is your definition of “blow”

Blow for me means being in a comfortable place. It means having alternatives. It means living your dreams. It means the lack of pressure, okay, not really, there’s always pressure but it is good pressure. Positive pressure. The “yass, lemme get to work” kind of pressure. More importantly blow means being big. Having influence. Being able to change a lot for folks. That’s blow.

Lol. Awesome. Ok so just to get a bit of background, what really truly inspired you to write the book?

Inspired? Nah. Nothing inspired me. I am a writer. That’s what I do. I did wake up one day and go, Oh, lemme write a book about growing up. I have always wanted to as a kid. I wrote a lot in my diaries. Unfortunately I lost them so a lot of material that could have gone into the book disappeared

Eeyah. Sorry Bro. So how is the writing career going? Shey the hustled is paying?

Lol. Writing isn’t a career for me though. It is what I have always done. But yeah, small small e dey pay.

God no go shame us. So how is sales for the book going so far?

Better than I expected. Thanks to the social media buzz it created. But because I am self publishing, the money don finish. Reprint costs, dispatch people, website and all don chop am

So how many books have you written so far?

This is my second. The first is an ebook though. The Gundown. It is a crime fiction.

Ok. Great. Give us 7 words that best describe you. Go!

I. No. Use. To. Dey. Hear. Word

Lol. Dope. So we’re done. Any final remarks or quotable words of inspiration for people who were motivated by your book?

Lol. I told someone once that I give evil advice. So here goes: Don’t be afraid to be the bad guy. Don’t be afraid to let people down. The world isn’t all love and light like that. A lot of the time we kill ourselves just to be in the good books of people who don’t care anyway.

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