I want to show the world its beauty through my Eyes – Rawan Mohamad

I want to show the world its beauty through my Eyes - Rawan Mohamad

By Farah Ahmed and Grace Quarcoo

Today, we have with us Rawan Mohamad, an Egyptian creative photographer with a flair for capturing amazing  moments and showing us the world and its beauty, through her eyes and from different angles. Rawan’s works are totally captivating and you could easily see what a detailed creative she is. 

Take a look at some of her works:

-Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Rawan Mohamad, I’m 19 years old and I study English translation. I have always loved art since I was a kid and I love it in all of its forms and its variety. I take photos, paint, draw, write, dance and sing (even though my voice isn’t the best lol)

-Interesting! I like how you are multi-talented! Can you tell us what inspired you to take photos?

I wanted to show the world its beauty through my eyes and the moments I see.

Among your works, which one is your favorite and why?

It is this one:

 And the reason why I like it is because it brings peace to my mind and soul.

What is something that photography has taught you?

Photography has taught me that everything is beautiful when it is seen from the right angle.

Is there any photo you’d like to share that has a fun memory or that was generally fun to capture? 

This photo:

And the reason why I like it is because it was taken around 5 or 6 in the morning, when I went for a walk and there was nobody in the streets. I went to this abandoned palace; it was such an extraordinary experience although I was terrified (haha )  it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

That sounds exciting! Can you tell us what your favorite photography niche is ?

I usually do landscapes, street photography and self-portrait but I want to learn more about product and fashion photography as I am really interested in them.

One final question, we want to know is what  photography means to you? and how do you work on educating yourself better (for the purpose of our readers)? 

It means adventure to me. I do work on educating myself, mostly self-learning. And I started taking a course but it got postponed so yeah!


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