“I’m ready to show my writing to the world and write to change my environments positively.” – Raji Ganiyat

“I’m ready to show my writing to the world and write to change my environments positively.” – Raji Ganiyat
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This week Tell! Interviews Raji Ganiyat, winner of the Next Rated Campus Writer Category on the Tell! Awards

Who is Raji Ganiyat?

I’m a second year law student , a resident of Awo Hall, an active citizen and a successful volunteer who loves her origin Ibadan. I’m a virgo queen because of my birth date 23rd of August.
You can connect with me on social media platforms; Facebook : Idowu Raji
IG : @r_idowu
Twitter : @Rajiganiyat4
Or Send me a mail ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผganiyatraji23@gmail.com

Where did you grow up and What was growing up like for you?

I grew up in the brown roof city of Ibadan, I had my primary school at UI staff school, my secondary school at Federal Government Girls’ College,Owinni Oyo and now I’m back in Ibadan: UI. Growing up was fun because I had my elder ones to always leverage on and I was “dad’s little girl” ๐Ÿ˜‚ and I guess I learnt a lot from him which has made me to be strong and brave.In fact, I read a whole lot of books while growing up then because I remember vividly mom buys me a book every week be it story book or novella.

When did you start writing?

It’s been a year now but I was kind of not wanting people to see it at first because I thought it was not good enough but now that has changed, I’m ready to show my writing to the world and write to change my environments positively.

Can you tell us 7things most people don’t know about you?

1.I’m the last born and all my elder ones are females.
2.I am multi passionate.
3.I’m very very playful and I can scream for Africa.
4. I’m a bad ass dancer indoors.
5. I love to read books outside ‘my school book’
6. I enjoy impacting lives positively and I can go to any length to do that, be it to participate in community projects, to write something inspiring, volunteer for something, lend someone a listening ear, just do something good for someone.
7. I once had a traumatic experience and I fought depression out of my life by myself because my therapist wasn’t always available.

What’s your biggest inspiration for writing?

My experiences at that time, also sometimes things I discover while reading.

How did it feel to have emerged winner of the Tell! Awards in the Next Rated Campus writer category?

Amazing; Exhilarating joy but still I am not resting on my oars yet.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?

I see myself Being a Great and Prolific Writer whose writings have contributed positively to personal and societal development in some places in the world I also see myself successfully achieving some goals eg bagging LL.B degree and possibly a B.L(ie a barrister) .

Thank you for your time. Any final remarks/inspirational quotes for the youths who look up to you?

You’ve got to be strong for yourself, no matter what you are going through and especially during rough times because those times will pass away. Above all Be Kind, do something good for someone (it could be your friend, family member, less privileged, visually impaired, orphan etc).I really do love kind hearted people.

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