“You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.”- Jacqui, African Fitness Trainer

"You cannot out-exercise a bad diet."- Jacqui, African Fitness Trainer

This week on Tell! Interview, we had an interesting chat with the radiant Miss Jacqui, a Ghanaian “down-to-earth fitness enthusiast who is crazy about the little things in life”. 


Can we meet you? Who is Miss Jacqui?

Miss Jacqui is your down-to-earth fitness enthusiast who is crazy about the little things in life.

Smooth…! Lool. What inspired you to become the passionate fitness enthusiast you are?

Herbalife! I know I sound cliché (everyone I know probably did an eye roll) but it’s what got me into fitness. 

I was so impressed with what eating healthier did to my energy levels and body. Then I got curious! I wanted to know what would happen if I added a little workout. I fell in love with the process and the rest is history.

Wow. So, what’s Herbalife? Can you share how beneficial this has been and can be to others?

Herbalife is a nutrition company committed to providing the best nutritional products to help people in their healthy active lifestyles. 

Herbalife has been more than just a nutrition company for me. It has built my confidence (I used to be very shy), it has taught me to work hard on myself, feed my mind, become a very positive person, reach my body goals and give me such an incredible business! 

I will forever be grateful. I get to help people reach their nutritional and fitness goals!

Awwwn. So cool. What are your personal fitness goals?

To be the best version of myself! To be better than I was yesterday

What are your thoughts though about nutrition and fitness? What are your thoughts about how they relate?

Nutrition and fitness are two peas in a pod. Your fitness journey will make no sense without good nutrition. Nutrition does 80 percent of the work. Fitness only does 20%. A lot of people do not realize this, sadly. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Loool. I totally agree. Tell us, what are your career goals?

To be the best coach that ever walked this earth! I’d like to inspire as many people as possible to be the best versions of themselves, build their confidence levels and to find the courage to love themselves as hard as Kanye loves Kanye. And of course own a world-class gym.

Really interesting. Are there fitness stereotypes that you experienced as a personal trainer? 

Lol. People actually complain about the exercises I do. That I should “take my time” otherwise I’ll become muscular.

Lmaoo. But is it wrong being muscular?

It isn’t . It’s actually hella sexy! 

The truth is, women cannot bulk up like men because we have a different hormone profile.

Testosterone promotes muscle growth for men and they can easily bulk up. Women can tone without bulking up because that’s just how we’ve been designed.

Awe-mazing! So, is there a huge difference in being a personal trainer in the developed world and in the developing world?

Yes. The size of the fitness community is the difference. 

A lot of people are not exposed to wellness. 

The bottom line is, we need to teach more people the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. It simply cannot be overemphasized. 

Indeed. People need to realize that healthy living doesn’t cost much, but just consistency, commitment and passion. Thank you for your time, Miss Jacqui. 

You’re totally welcome. 


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