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Our goal is to enable African writers monetize their content "Seamlessly"

What is the Tell! Writer’s Programme?

The Tell! Writer’s Programme is a content development incubation and acceleration programme aimed at enabling African writers and content developers to create professional careers and monetize their content.

Think of it as a Music Record Label, but for writers and content developers which enables them to UpSkill, UpFund and Upwork

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Junior Content Developer


  • 1-3 years of writing experience.
  • Must have an active Tell! account with atleast 5 published stories
  • Must be Versatile in atleast two genres of writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay, copywriting, essay writing)
  • Significant level of creativity and enthusiasm
Senior Content Developer


  • Greater than 5years writing experience
  • Must be a renowned and well-known African writer, journalist or content developer
  • Must be proficient in atleast three genres of writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay, copywriting, essay writing)
  • Must be capable of teaching or creating lessons on their writing genres of expertise

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Our Mission:


We are interested in upskilling young African writers to improve their craft and enhance their careers


Through Our Tell! Search feature, we make it possible for African content developers to be seamlessly hired by businesses and organizations.


We leverage on periodical publications, academy lessons and editing services to generate revenue for our writers


Seamlessly and effortlessly turn your manuscript into a complete book and generate revenue from sales of your works on multiple platforms

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