At a point in life, we all have one or two challenge(s) that come our way which we have to tackle yeah. That’s the reality of life.

Like the word goes “tough times don’t last forever” so eventually,  things will get better. ‘Stay strong and don’t give up’ people tell me.

But then , how long will i continue to cope with this cruelness and hatred she shows toward me? Grace asked herself.

Living with my stepmother has been hell. She only pretends to treat me nice whenever dad gets back from his trip.

When it’s just the both of us, her true color pops up. She resents my mother a lot and show the hatred towards me.

I know this is just a phase in life i have to pass through but at this point, I’m tired because my mental health is being disturbed.

Grace looked up and cried out ‘ but how long will i continue to bear this pain? All i ask for is to be loved and just be happy ‘.

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