The dining table,
Assorted with various varieties,
Waiting for someone to join us in our quest,
Remembering all the good days,
Eating alone doesn’t seem quite good,
The corona virus has led us to remembering all the good days,
We are alone with our thoughts,
Then an advent of digitization arouse,
We have to find the best of what we have,
Various organisations tried to find a way,
We then remember we can have virtual meetings,
In order not to feel lonely,
Wishing to feel your presence during meal,
Setting up a projector seems good,
You can sit in the dining,
I can also see you,
We have all the time in the world to talk,
Your presence is felt,
Although it is not physical,
Food doesn’t feel lonely,
The projector set up for the presence of two,
I could eat and crack a joke,
You would reply,
The advent of moving towards the digital world is cogent.


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