Love for a Brother

Love for a Brother

Love for a brother

I have a dream,
Whereby we would be surrounded by nature,
Just you and me,
A safe place from the world,
Trees, water surrounds us,
Just me and you against the world.

Would you make my dream come true?
Blindfolded, you brought me,
Trees, water, sunlight,
You made my dream come true,
Nature is our fort,
I could see the beauty of the sun in your eyes.

Thanks for making my dreams come true,
I have seen the beauty of nature in its truest form,
I can now die happily,
I want you to promise me,
You would go through your life happily,
I don’t want our love in its truest form be tainted,
By the evils of this world.

With nature as my witness,
I have nothing holding me on earth,
I can now die happily after this,
I want you to go through your life normally,
Knowing you have met an awesome being,
Whom you made the rest of the years of her life worth it,
Enjoy the rest of your life,
My brother.


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