Mirror is the reflection of the soul,
Can you truly see what is on the other side?
Reflection is a necessary evil,
A necessary evil indeed it is.

I look into the mirror with a brush,
Trying to fix up the blemishes in my face,
Standing for hours,
This must be done,
Without this I won’t look comfortable.

Then suddenly, I look into the mirror,
Brush in my hand,
I now see a different portrait,
She is sitting,
A cigarette in hand,
She does not care about anyone’s opinion,
She gives a typical example of a girl,
Who does not give a “fuck”.

She is sitting, I am standing,
She is comfortable in her own skin,
I now admire her then stop for a second,
Can I ever be someone like her.

Is this truly who I am?
I have to go on a quest of self awareness,
Knowing who I am,
Is indeed the first step.


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