Self discovery

Self discovery

Is this truly the way to live?
Death seems to be a better option, Various opinions waft through my mind,
Trying to find my bearings.

Everywhere is so dark around me,
This is what I was told was right,
Life is supposed to be a shade of black and white,
Grey seems to be a neutraliser,
But why am I seeing darkness all around me.

This is what the society prescribes as right,
Don’t I have the right to be happy,
I have satisfied all requirements of people around me,
I don’t have any reason not to stay happy.

A thought suddenly overwhelms me,
Finding out my journey in life,
A journey of happiness now starts,
A journey of finding out my purpose in life,
A journey of self awareness.

Everything now suddenly becomes clear,
Finding out I have not been living,
Existing seems to be the right word,
Is it to late to change my path.

Discovering my self after series of self awareness,
Finding joy in small things
Setting my standards of things around me,
I am finally happy.

A sudden calmness overwhelm my life,
I am now living not existing,
Frustrations might occur,
The feeling of unfulfillment,
Trying to pass through everyone expectation is not there again,
Any challenges I face,
I will cross the bridge while I get there.


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