Oh, What a beautiful sunny day it is today!
The scent of the lilies carried by the gentle breeze permeates my soul.
I smile heartily as I breathe in the flowers, today isn’t a special day but I can’t help but feel far from my woes.
Yesterday, we settled down on our blue sofa to watch a game of football, it was his favorite team; the best in the league so far. We cuddled so close and I was comfortable in his warmth until the beast in him tore it all up.
Minutes into the game, I playfully snatched up the remote control expecting a reaction, perhaps a loving gesture.
He turned and stared at me, anger evident in his eyes; hurtful words he said to me;I feel blinded by the tears streaming down my face, obstructing my gaze.
I snapped back with spite in my words, this not only incensed him but made matters worse, he hurled me to the floor then on the glass pane.
He left me all sore, my body in pain. But I guess he is sorry, because, I got this beautiful flowers today…

Hey! I am really excited today! Today is our wedding anniversary. I spent the weekend shopping for groceries to prepare that meal that he really likes. Also got him a stunning anniversary present. I hope he loves it, better still, I hope he remembers that it’s our day!
He comes home from work, looking dashing in his suit, a perfect vision of a “family man” or as I love to assume. We settled down for our dinner, all set on the table in a grand fashion. Different delicacies I had prepared for my man. Trays of wine, lemonade, toasts and ham.
SURPRISE!! He got me roses!. Perfect red roses!. I am so ecstatic, he did remember..
Sounds of laughter filled the air; we talked and we dined with blissful cheers. “Have I been this happy in a while?” I asked myself. “Enjoy the moment” said the voice in my mind.
He struck again! I refuse to let him have his way. Why will I refuse him lovemaking on such a memorable night? He wanted to have his way, I wouldn’t budge. He tossed me carelessly on our king- size matrimonial bed and tore open my gown and started fondling with my underwears. In a last attempt, I yelled “I am on my period”.
He stopped for a while as if to take in my words, rough handled me a little more then threw me against the wall. He whispered softly “damn you!.Get out of my world!.”
I got flowers today. Today is a very special day. It is the day of my funeral. All kinds of flowers are lying on my grave. I even got flowers from Him. IF ONLY! If only I had talked to someone, I won’t be lying here in the cold wet floor, six feet under.
Last night, I decided to end it all. The anguish, the brutality. Staring down at the bottle of SNIPER which I had purchased from a local retail store, I thought to myself “I wish I had spoken up.”
YES! I wish I had spoken up, talked to someone or rather left our home-hell by the way!.
Death seemed to offer me peace and tranquility. I was drowning in a sea of loneliness. I drank in the whole bottle, tossed and turned while holding my stomach in pain then I embraced the calm.
HE always got me flowers, so I guess he was sorry.
…inspired from a true life story

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