Gring gring!” my phone buzzed for the umpteenth time. I quickly picked up the device and enter in the pass code. Sometimes I laugh inwardly when I type out the password and wonder where my “inspiration” for crafting unbelievable passwords come from. Words like spacex-vision; apprecia8; fantasee are but a few from my arsenal of puns.
My phone’s screen lit up like the face of a newly-wed bride, permit me to say, of the ones who got it right. In actuality, my phone has become my esteemed bride, my place of succor, my vehicle out of reality.
Devoting more hours day by day to my phone’s screen and like a jealous lover, always keeping me occupied at the expense of me.
Yet, this story is not about my pocket device, it is a tale of the woe it causes me, on a daily basis and no balm seems to suffice.
A new notification pops up from my WhatsApp chats- “2000+ messages from 159 chats!”. Ah! Where do I start from? I blurted out, yet my messages kept streaming in like an angry response to my proposed question. I hurriedly replied a few chats I have managed to pin down so as to maintain my sanity.
I have a personal addiction of always clearing out my chats no matter how overwhelming it may seem. I hated the constant green glow of the circle that indicated unread chats but lately I have been in “withdrawal” staring happily at over one fifty unread messages.
The WhatsApp groups were the real tormentors, only the strong-hearted can survive the repeated barrage of information churned out by these groups.
“How to make money during the lock down; become a professional designer in two weeks; Ethereum million money; philosopher’s TV; Instagram gain train”, but to mention a few.
’ Teniola from Tell’ never fails to deliver email updates of new posts of beautiful writers and I spend at least an hour exploring this abode. Getting repeated updates from online courses is like an extreme sport. As the popular local saying goes- “to start an online course is human, to complete it is divine.”
NCDC never fails to update me via my WhatsApp status, the numbers keep climbing and now the streets are bubbling with resumed activities after all, a life is just another number in the daily update of cases.
Information overload and social media pressure induces within me -fear pure, unrefined. A fear of the unknown, the future yet to be defined.
At such moments, I sit back and smile. Hope is the remedy to such despair.

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