Her sting is poisonous to the soul.
Harboring her makes the chest tighten.
She turns her dwelling place into food.
Slowly eating it up,
Till it bleeds.

Her gifts are poisons to the soul.
Like a virus, she spreads to surrounding places.
Like a tree, her roots grow deeper into her dwelling place.

She spreads her thick blanket over her abode,
Making it an abode of darkness.
With no penetration of light.
For in light, she is exposed and cast off.

She calls her friends to feast.
And together they feast on their host.
Till there’s nothing left,
But their evil smile.

Cast off her blankets from you!
Let the warmth of light penetrate into your soul.
For in light she is exposed and cast off.

Host not her friends to feast!
For it is easier to cast her off singly than when she has become a minion.

Cut off her roots!
Let your soil be not fertile for her to grow!
Wash your surroundings clean!
And let not her virus spread to your surroundings!

Reject her gifts!
For gifts blinds the eyes of the receiver.
Shut your door at her!

She is bitterness.
She takes more than she gives.
She is set to destroy.
She comes slowly.
In the beginning, her sting is soothing.
Gradually, it becomes deadly.
Till it kills not only the soul but also the spirit.

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What do you think?

  1. It is a good one Omolara. Nice personification; Using a female shows the seductive attribute of the subject matter. The imagery is cool also; it shows that in the ‘house of bitterness’ the host is still the landlord, so she has stayed because the host allowed it(the act of residing) and her.

    Pretty ingenious of you to Tell! 😉 us what she does and what we SHOULD do.

    All in all, there’s still room for improvement.

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