The putrid smell emanating from a nearby house nauseated her. She covered her nose in disgust as she navigated her way through the narrow path but the curiosity in her got the best of her. She decided to check out what was causing such an offensive smell. Like a spy on a mission, she set out on her journey. She took calculating steps to avoid missing her steps and falling into the gullies that decorated the road. As she got closer to the house, the smell became stronger and more nauseating. She chided herself for embarking on such a dangerous mission as she thought of various unpleasant scenarios that could unfold. Everywhere was dark with her phone’s flashlight as the only source of light. She rummaged through her bag as she searched for an handkerchief to cover her nose. She found a nosemask and brought it out with pure glee. She donned the nosemask and continued on her mission. The closer she got to the house, the stronger the smell and the stronger the urge to return. She stopped and gave herself a pep talk to continue the mission. She felt like a person on a dangerous mission to save the world only that her own mission was to save the neighbourhood from the putrid smell. She wondered if people in the neighborhood could not perceive the smell or if they had grown accustomed to the smell. With a smile that didn’t last for a minute, she continued her journey. She got to the suspected house and stopped at the gate gaping at its enormity. She couldn’t see the building behind because of the enormity of the gate. She knocked gently hoping someone would come out. Her eyes caught a doorbell on the left side of the gate and she rang the doorbell but didn’t get any response. She pushed the smaller gate and it cranked open. She peeped in to the building looking left and right to ascertain that the coast was clear. Immedoately, she entered, she felt a shiver run down her spine. An ominous feeling descended upon her and wrapped it’s blanket around her. She couldn’t shake the feeling off neither could she go back at that point. She stood and marveled at the beauty of the house that stood in front of her. The house was a bungalow coated in lemon colour with a touch of gold. The house exuded class and exquisiteness. She wondered how a house as beautiful as this could harbor such a putrid smell. She knocked the door gently but got no response. Why was the house empty and open? She thought. She entered and was hit by the smell all over again. The air was thick with the smell and she did an extra work to keep her vomitus down. To her left side was a giant metallic door that looked rusty. To her right side was an hallway that led to other rooms. On the walls stood various frames depicting that whoever occupied the house was a lover of art. She went to her left and pulled the hinge of the metallic door but it didn’t open. She tried one more time but it was same. She adjusted her nosemask and went to her right going through the hallway. The doors of the rooms on the hallway we’re slightly opened and she peeped through the openings but was met with an empty room. As she got nearer to one of the rooms, the smell became stronger. She knew instictively that she would find the source of the smell in that room. She pumped her fist in the air as if she won a jackpot. She hastened her footsteps. Carefully, she pulled the door open wider and entered the room. The sight before her made her open her eyes in horror and drop her bag and phone in fear as she screamed loudly echoing through the walls of the house. She saw dead bodies already decaying lying on the floor. She screamed again as the image registered into her head. A hand tapped her shoulder and she woke up sweating profusely.

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