The dreamer..


Sade looked at nothing in particular with a faraway look in her eyes. Her hands were clasped together on her knees with back bent. Her chin was placed on her clasped hands on her knees. The image of little boys in white singlets and shorts sweating profusely playing football with makeshift goal-post had turned to dots in her eyes. She didn’t see the victory dance her eldest son made when he scored a goal against the opposition team neither did she see the pats he received from his teammates and how they rubbed their sweaty faces with their dirty singlets. It took several taps on her shoulder to bring her back to reality from her self-made world where she was a beautiful princess with several maidens and lots of pretty dresses to choose from. She smiled at her youngest boy who had just tapped her. He stretched the empty plate he was holding at her and muttered an incoherent word. Sade placed her ears near his mouth
‘I want more rice’ He said
‘Oh! dear. There’s no more rice. In fact, there’s no more food this afternoon. Till evening. The economy is bad. No one is ready to employ my services. I have no money and your father has refused to come home since last year leaving two voracious sons in my care. What to do!’ She hit her head in her palm in frustration . Her little son turned around and disappeared into the shadows of the hallway. She prepared to go back to her dreamland, an hobby she found pleasure in.

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