There are days in the life of a man which pass like a flash or a convolute phase leaving him in a daze

There are numerous ways to esteem one day above the others such that the world joins in

One way is to pave mind roads for thoughts to freely stroll or better still, race through

Another is to make decisions and announce them so that you create a fusion of enjoyment

On a day tagged Valentine, costly treasures which abound in King Solomon’s mines are recognized

Men engage in prudent or brutish mannerisms to show affection which is inspired by pure love or dirty lust

Others take care to protect themselves from the pageantry which seems like a good waste of time and resources 

Especially when the pagan history of Lupercalia is examined in parallelism with the expected events of the day 

The Valentine day is one, just like any other which the Almighty has created for His creation to be in joy and gladness

We should command our mornings and colonize our days so that our precious treasures are preserved under His eye

When all the activities are analysed, it begs the question, Valentine: Whose Day Is It? 

Is it a day for the pious who recall and reciprocate saintly and sometimes sanctimonious acts of kindness? 

Is it a day for businesses to record gross profits with the boom in special gifts, delicious treats and fine wine?

Is it a day when unbridled passion should thrive without caution trapped between scrapped floors and shut doors?

Or is it a day when vows, the essence of unions are renewed, when committed love is recalibrated and celebrated? 

There is time for everything under the sun: a time to be born and a time to die

For man is like a puff of smoke, which today is but leaves on the morrow

There is time for everything under the sun: a time to embrace and a time to refrain

For mankind must choose between peace and fame, joy and money, satisfaction and lust

Man must understand the importance of relationships, the need to strive for and preserve beautiful memories 

Here’s the thing, you can choose to live today casually or celebrate it in a special way

Whichever choice you make, never stop valuing and loving all of the wonderfully made human beings in your life

They are priceless gifts to you, the assets you cannot particularly purchase or at worst, the liabilities you’d rather retain

The sooner we permit the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened to this insight, the better for all of us

Let not your case be like the embittered old man who said, “How I wish I showed her much more love, I wish I did not take her for granted”

Or like the wealthy woman who mourned, “I regret not setting my priorities right, now I have to eat my  cake all alone.”  

Choose to celebrate love so that you would not end up sulking in despair

Show peaceful-patient-purified pyaar today and everyday to everyone 

Not only to your significant other or someone you stand to derive benefits from

Pyaar means love, love is sacrifice, it means forgiving and letting go, it means giving of yourself and what you possess

Be creative, be expressive, be confident in your loving, be yourself

We could tag this day with Valentine or anything that suits our fancy but bear this truth in mind 

We should dictate the spirit that dominates our experiences

We control the decisions which could edify or denigrate us

What exactly am I getting at? 

Today is yours, deal with it as you desire but know and note that tomorrow may not be yours

So live this day and every other to the glory of the Creator and the good of His created 

Be deliberate to leave a pure mark in the hearts of others

I love Love and because love is generous, I have just given to you a piece of my mind. 

~ Flourish-Davidine

   Top of the morning! 



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