1000+followers,4 likes!

1000+followers,4 likes!

I love the social media!.And I hope you do too😉. Many atimes I’m fixed with a whole lot of stuffs and I try as much as possible to be serious with somethings. I just feel the social media is a tool that gives me an angle in the public eye especially Instagram.
So as I was scrolling through the walls of Insta on my phone this afternoon. I stumbled on a friend’s I.G post in which she had just hit 1000+ followers and she was appreciating “we” the faithful followers😆. I checked the number of likes the post had,it was just 4 ; a post that has been hanging there for almost an hour. Different thought ran and jumped through my mind as I began to ask why the output was low despite the input.

Basically not all the FOLLOWERS OF YOUR BRAND LIKE YOUR IDENTITY! Some are your competitors especially if you run a business account or your rivals if it’s a private account. Even in reality, out of the box of icons,menu,bars, search engines and scroll.In this life not everyone who shines teeth with you whether brown or white 😂 loves you deep down or will always be in support of your feat and achievements. Some people have decided to be ghosts monitoring your moves, weaknesses and strength.Some stick to you as a result of what you have to offer at that moment which are temporal; those ones are off and on, they are SEASONAL!. It’s not in the MULTITUDE of PEOPLE, it’s in the ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE towards you.

Never compete, solely because you want the habitats of Facebook and Instagram to shower encomium on you with those sweet sounding words such as “Kpk🤣”, ” Awwn😍”, “You valid💪🏽”, ( you Know them now) protruding from the comments section. O wrong nau! You’ll end up leaving a piece of you out, trying to fit in places that doesn’t belong to you dear.

Lastly ,you’re not inferior to anyone, “Soro soke” and say no to oppression. Never think you are belittle or above anyone by the things your eyes feed on.They don’t worth it,shey you get. In as much as you enjoy the buzzle and puzzle of social media, Keep check on your mental health. Be yourself!.

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