Get up the nerve!

Get up the nerve!



Whether you are too fat, too short,too tall ,too dark,too fair,too skinny,too beautiful,too ugly or not. You’re right! It’s your subjective evaluation of your self worth. It’s what you think and feel about yourself; your opinions about yourself and your abilities. It could be high,low or somewhere in between. If you’re on the low side you feel insecure and unmotivated. Have you identified the few things that instigates this opinion or is it still a MYSTERY?

The little voice that tells you you’re dull (or not) is powerful than you might think. Slip up,be kind to yourself and challenge the negative thoughts. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to an angel.Never give room for comparism. You don’t need that kind of pressure. Try and focus on your goals rather than using someone else’s as a yard stick. Practice setting goals and building self confidence. Strive to be a better version of yourself,nobody is perfect.

You’ll make mistakes but learn and grow from them.Embrace your imperfections. Even if you forgot to hit CTRL+S on a super important assignment don’t beat yourself up, everyone has been there. Learn from your errors and mistakes. You’re not your mistakes, they’re what you did and not who you are.

Push your energy and focus on what you can change about yourself. Recognize your strength and do what makes you happy. Make time for what you enjoy doing. It helps you feel good about yourself. Compensate and reward yourself on little successes and small victories.Relax!,Enjoy yourself.

Find people who makes you feel good about yourself and avoid the squad that triggers your organs to think negatively and less about yourself. Don’t lower your standard for anything or anyone. Self worth is everything. Pleasing everyone is displeasing yourself. Learn how to say NO sometimes.
You might be the only person left who believes in you,it’s ENOUGH! It takes only a star to pierce a universe of darkness. You are perfect the way you are. Love yourself!


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