“Hundreds of cash-trapped contestants accepted an invitation to compete in a survival game, huddled together in an island where only a survivorr gets a tempting 45.6 billion-won prize–their lives and the money to pay their crippling debts”. This is the sixty second read that summarizes the approximately ten hours K Drama, Squid Game. I normally do have an aversion for movies with such duration. But this movie was an exception because it was about people seeing everything through to the getting dead trying which sustained me watching the movie till the very end .The movie was launched in September,2021. It took more than ten years for Hwang Dong-hyuk to get Squid game made. It only took 17 days and 111 million global fans including you and I , for it to become Netflix’s biggest ever launch. This is not a movie review but  few highlights of my thoughts as I got glued to my paper and pen. I have it here scribbled on the scroll . So, lets check it out together.

The movie made me realize that life is just like the game of squid. All about struggles, obstacles,ups and downs. It won’t always be a smooth ride. Just like there are rules in the game, there are rules of living in life for a better, happier and successful life . They are templates you pursue if you want your win measuered at the exit lane. It would be beneficial to give a rapt attention and your best shot at that moment because it included what is and is not allowed in this game called life.

In this game , you need to be taught, helped, and adviced about the influence, directions or guidlines of the game by a more experienced and often older person. The precepts influences your growth in this sojourn and you also have to be accountable to one another. They have lived and gone ahead of you in that thing you cannot calculate or imagine. It’s a form of coaching but not coaching because coaching is more often than not a short term skill building done by an hired expert whom you might not even know. So you would need the advice, opinion or feedback of a driller who will always prevent you from errors or further mistakes .You need a cicerone to take you through the tour.

The importance of being on a good team do not need to be over emphasized, because every role in this game needs the collective significant effort of each team player. A good team is not necessarily made up of physically aided persons only but psychologically and intellectualy aided persons who are needed for companionship, adaptability, problem solving, coordinations and implemeting. Everyone talks about how to be a great leader but I hope you know we all can’t lead at the same time. It is most likely you find yourself as a team player, I wouldn’t want to use the word “follower” and you must be a good one. It’s really more important because it determines the output of the team and not even the team lead. When everyone builds the team with equity, each of us has the winning ability.

These are footprints that serves as our guide and makes us ensure we develop and reflect well. They are also guiding principles that dictates our behaviour. But, most of us becomes subject to change if life situations hits so hard. It’s said that the one who doesn’t compromise his standards will survive the toughest. It is poised to live a much better life if you live according to your values. You really do not have to lower your standard for anyone, no not one!.

Everyone you meet in the game has something to offer. Learn and support everyone you come across and watch how their words or experiences can be a game changer in your life at a point in time. Do not be quick to trust anyone blindly. Most people not all , are with you for their own interest or sake. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness. On the contrary, do not be the reason why someone regrets trusting you. Do not lie to people who trusts you and do not trust the people who lie to you.

You have to do it afraid ! It is the ability of doing those things that ushers you into bravery. Start somewhere and take the bold step. You will experience the good and bad; the failure and success, but you would just live it all. In the words of Elizabeth Kennedy,” it’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life”.

Have conversations. It might be the saving grace. You can crush down your toughest problem by just opening your mouth and exuding your heart thoughts. It eases your guilt and emotional load. Sacrifice is offering ; the giving of something for another cause. It might be your possessions, interest,wishes or values. It is self denial and self effacing. It’s not necessarily transactional, you might not get anything in return but it’s said to be the greatest expression of love.

Have you learnt something profound? I’d like you to know your thoughts as you share with me.
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