Broken Hearts To Mended Hearts. 💗


Most times we hurt ourselves and blame it on others, sometimes we don’t. Either intentionally or not we allow ourselves to love people when we’re fully aware that we shouldn’t. They are not bad persons but there wasn’t any forever, there wasn’t even a relationship, health, culture, and all that setting barriers. But we were adamant, thinking we could change them, whether we might be successful with it or not.

Not every story has a happy ending, not with God though, so we allow ourselves to be broken. It happens with our choices too, with our love for things, and so on. Guard your heart.

I don’t agree that love is blind. We just choose to close our eyes and follow our hearts, choosing to love and be loved as pure as our heart is.

I will love you to listen to these songs; Daddy’s Home by Travis Greene & The One You Love by Maverick City Music. They will help to heal your soul.


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