Basic Etiquette

Basic Etiquette


Be a voice, not an echo

Be humble and lower your ego

Fight for the weak and be their hero

Maintain family bond, don’t be a Dumbo

Work hard and be rugged even more than a buffalo

Be patient when the blessing comes in zero

Stay low-key and don’t go around causing a scenario

Flow with good speech, don’t just be a stereo

Take it slow and steady, don’t be a desperado

Use your head to invent and innovate, don’t just be a Juliet waiting for her Romeo

Be a Mandela, walk your way to freedom, for indeed you are not cripple with polio

Sharpen your thoughts and not your libido

Drop ego and pride for indeed they are bad combo

Anger may lead you to danger, so ensure it is down to absolute zero

Be courageous but don’t be a braggadocio

Don’t procrastinate your growth because you are not a Chinese bamboo

If they don’t feel your flow, then give them a demo

Be wise, use your head to solve problems for it is indeed more useful than just carrying an afro



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