The pains Africans are always going through


The pains Africans are going through!!!!

We are Africans, we are the builders of the Western world, and our Continent is very rich and yet we are the poorest creature on earth, We are African when we try to live a better life they come on our soil and suppress us by using us and taking our resources to their countries to make a better life for their children and them, We are Africans when we try to bring the best in our leaders they interfere and get raid of our leaders without a proper explanation of their assassinations of our great leaders, We are African we are blessed with the best temperature on earth they leave their countries and come in our country and tries to find a place in our parliament just to be able to control us, We are African we have the right to a cool-weather too, they come on our land (South Africa ) and began to tell us what to do and where to live on our soil, We are African when they come on our land we will not tell them they are white so they have limitations to any entrances, they will have a free pathway,We are african we are very obedience to the extend two slaves master used to lead 20 blacks african slaves without experiencing any rebellion,We are african we are very caring,We are african we need to shares the beauty of the earth too,We are african we need to control our elections,We are african we needs to be given the chances to show what we have.

Africa shall rise!!


African heritage
Theophilus Page Scott


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