My Addiction

My Addiction

It all started from afar
I saw you and thought you are the girl of my par
I hoped you’ll be smart enough also
but I wasn’t ready to be friends
because that will mean getting to know you
but that felt like too much risk for me

In the long run, we started talking
a couple of minutes each day
till it became hours each day
and now am addicted to you
because I can’t stop thinking about you
wanting to be around you all-day
for you’re my addiction, the drug I can’t resist

You’ve made life amazing and exciting
helping me to ease the burden I carry
making me laugh, that I thought our love might tarry
plastering a smile on my face whenever we talk
I know you love me and I love you too
but you belong to someone, who loves you as well
so I’ll take all I can get from the little you offer

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  1. The end of your poem was definitely not expected. You painted a picture of love an bliss, and here I was, for a moment, thinking of happily ever after. Thank you for this. It shows that not every thing in life ought to be rosy and sweet. Add a little bit of complicated spice, and you’ve so gotten me. Well-done Theusan.

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