2020 has been a lot, Get your Shit together.

2020 has been a lot, Get your Shit together.

Entered the year ‘2020’ with so much joy and a lot of goals. The year started and I’m pretty sure everyone was excited for what the new year would bring. If there’s anything this year has taught me, it’s a lot but in one word? ‘We plan but Allah SWT is the best of all planners’. The year feels like we have had ‘Two years’ in one. It has been a whole lot and if all the goals you wrote down this year, you did not achieve any? Being alive is an achievement and you should be thankful. Some people started the year but they are no more(💔).

When I heard the news of Covid, I thought it was a normal disease that just came and in few days, they would find a cure. Days passed, weeks passed and there was no sign for the cure instead they were records of death. Everyone had to stay safe. Schools , companies, markets etc were all closed and we stayed indoors.
 Even if you have to go out, we were advised to use Face masks and hand sanitizers for the safety of everyone. The lockdown started and we all thought it was just for days until we started counting months after months. We literally stayed indoors doing nothing but staying safe for out health. During the lockdown, a lot of questions like How else were we gonna feed if we weren’t working, how about people that on a normal day they do not have what to eat, what would happen to them? Some people even lost their jobs during the lockdown. It was a lot but we thank God for everything.

Months after the lockdown was eased , if you have any reason to be outside you have to follow the necessary precautions to stay safe because there is still covid out there.

The whole #EndSars protest started .

A lot of people lost their lives and it is so sad. Imagine waiting for your loved ones to come back and at the end of the day, you find out that they are dead. A lot of people died during the protest and it is sad because all we want was a peaceful protest. But it was the other way round and we lost a lot of lives 😣💔.

There are some names that are not in that list because we lost so many💔. May the souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace🕊.

We lost so many people this year and it reminded me that:

Love and appreciate people while they are alive. Also, during the EndSars Protest, the unity of the youths is one of the beautiful things I have ever seen in my whole life. Everyone were so supportive and it made me almost teary everyday when I watched videos from the protest ground. I am so proud of my generation and I know that by God’s grace, we would do better. Personally, i  learnt to never be silent about anything again.

There have been a lot of sad stories in 2020 and it feels like a very very long year. One day, I sat down and I said: It’s time to get my Shit(Skincare, Happiness, Innerpeace and Time) together.

Skincare:  on my friend’s ig story,  I saw that she got TeaTree’s face scrub so I decided to get the TeaTree face mask and I got face wipes from shoprite.

I have used it twice now and I must say that my face feels so fresh and soft. Asides the fact that I use dudu osun, (check my previous articles, I have written a well detailed writeup on ‘My Skin, My Priority) using the face mask and the wipes makes my skin so nice and to be honest, i love it so much and you should try it.

Happiness- so many people try to look for happiness elsewhere but the truth is if you are not happy within you, you cannot find it elsewhere. It all starts with you. Create your happiness and spread with others.

InnerPeace- I used to bottle open everything that I feel especially when someone does something that hurts me. I do not like to talk about it because I’m usually scared that they would feel some type of way. I have tried so hard to push it away but I figured out that it’s better to say how you feel than bottle it up. I started talking about everything that does not sit right with me and it brought me so much peace. So here’s me saying that  In the process of trying to please others, do not lose yourself.

Time- there’s time for everything and it’s only right that you spend your time wisely. In life, whatever you do? Do what the clock does. – Keep going regardless!

if you ask me what my 2021 plans are? Here’s my reply:
After everything 2020 has shown us, it’s only best that you understand that:

Is better than making plans because who knows what will happen. 2020 hasn’t been easy but God has been so merciful to us all! Alhamdulillah (Thank you Allah) for everything.

This is my last article for the year 2020!! Here’s me saying – To all the people that read my articles and drop encouraging words in the comment section and in my dm, here’s me saying a very big thank you. Thank you for always reading and for your kind words too. It means a lot to me and I sincerely appreciate. I have a lot of contents for y’all in 2021 In Shaa Allah. Do not stop reading my articles and don’t forget to send me a Tip.

I hope 2021 brings a lot of good vibes, good health and good tidings to you and yours In Shaa Allah. Here’s me wishing that you:

In advance (In Shaa Allah). See you in 2021(In Shaa Allah). Have a beautiful end of the year & a prosperous new year in Advance(In Shaa Allah).

lots of love,

Rofiat O.M

Stay Blessed!❤️

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  1. Nice write up dearrrrr, I pray Almighty Allah forgive the ones we lost and make 2021 a year of greater achievement for everyone of us❤️

  2. Alhamdulilah your generation is blessed. Your creativity is super, your choice of words is amazing. You deserve more than a tip dear. In Sha Allah we shall see in 2021.

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