Be Kind

Be Kind

In a world full of different characters, choose the character Kind. 

Being kind does not necessarily have to mean giving out to someone out of your pocket but then saying a word of prayer to them, helping them during the time of their needs,saying positive words to them and most importantly, being there when nobody else is there shows how kind you are. You do not know what a person is going through because the truth is, so many people are going through a hard time trying their best to heal from things that they do not discuss. If you cannot help them heal, do not add to their pain instead be kind to them. 

Nothing beats making someone smile. If you ever find yourself in the situation to make someone smile, do not hesitate. You have no idea how much happiness you have brought into their life and it might be their last hope in making a decision. People struggle with a lot. Words have the power to heal and hurt, watch what you say to people. It is okay to shut up your mouth if you do not have anything sensible to say. At the end of the day it pays to be kind 💕

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