Be The Love 💌

Be The Love 💌

 Hey there.

I’m pretty much sure that you clicked on the link to this article because you want to know what it really means to ‘Be The Love’. I’ve written below the reasons why you should ‘Be The Love’ & i hope that after reading this, you would have the courage to make a life changing decision. Read, Learn & Enjoy !! 😚😊😊

So yeah, there is too much forcing going on in the world today & it’s sad because you should never have to chase love, attention and affection because these things come naturally and if it isn’t given to you freely then it isn’t worth having.  Love is a beautiful kind of fear and as simple as this can be said, i hope you know that you cannot give out something you do not have ! which means you have to love yourself enough  before you think of loving another person  because you obviously cannot pour out from an empty cup.

However, before you think of falling in love with someone else, you first have to keep looking for your goals , passion, courage ,dreams and happiness. Explore yourself before you explore another! Most importantly, know your worth & know yourself because only then will you know what you need over what you want & i hope you know that you need yourself first & you must focus on you till the focus is you!.

Nevertheless, you have to let this love find you, let this love want you, be with you & be there for you. you really have to be patient enough to wait for the love that you deserve & this type of love is the one  you really need so that when you look at he/she you feel happiness because that’s a LOVE that is REAL.

At the end of the day, when you start loving yourself , life starts loving you too. Life gets better when you begin to feel better about your own energy. I really hope that you love yourself enough to know that you deserve better & also to recognize a love that’s real but before then you have to ‘BE THE LOVE’ .

               sending love&light to you,

                Rafiat Madamidola❤.

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