Choose ‘YOU’ unapologetically.

Choose ‘YOU’ unapologetically.


I hope that it is not too late to say, ‘Welcome to the year 2021 ? Oh well, I know it is not.  So yeah, Alhamdulillah we made it !! Welcomeeeee my dear readerrrr 🥰🥰.  My last article talked about everything we had been through in 2020 & hoping for a better 2021 In Shaa Allah.

Apparently, every year i am usually excited to think about what my resolutions for the year would be. Sometimes I write it down and other times, it’s just in my head. 2020 taught me a lot of things and one of the lessons I learnt is that ‘Anything can happen at any time, do not take each day for granted’. Pay close attention to everything I would be sharing with you in this article. 

Dear reader,

Self care is not selfish and choosing ‘You’ unapologetically is not selfish too. Most of the time, in the process of trying to please others we hurt ourselves forgetting that we also deserve the same amount of love, care and support that we are willing to give others. It’s okay to be a good person but have your limits. Last year, my friend Aderombi Damilola shot a video. In that video, she talked about how she decided to start doing what she genuinely wants to do not what anyone wants her do. The video inspired me and I decided to cut off everything that was disturbing my peace. Listen, not everyone would understand the reason why you do a particular thing but it does not really matter as long as you did it for your sanity, then it’s okay. 

Here’s a reminder:

If you ask me what my resolution is, my answer: ‘Being genuinely happy whilst becoming a better person’ that is the summary of my resolution. 

Dear reader:

And that’s sad. All the love, support and care that you are willing to give others, give it to yourself also. Here’s my advice to you: Never force anything with anyone and if they  won’t act right, it is okay to leave them alone. Speak up about everything that hurts you deeply, Do not look for happiness anywhere instead create the happiness within yourself, Do only what makes you happy regardless of what anyone thinks. Also, if you are hurting from something that is draining you emotionally, physically and mentally? It’s okay to leave and be at peace with yourself because your mental health is very important and you should protect it at all cost. 

Lastly, We all have a lot in mind that we want to do but just so you know, We plan but Allah SWT is the best of all planners. I’m very sure Allah SWT has a lot in store for you and I. I’m not saying you should not have plans for what you want to do but make sure you always put Allah SWT first in all that you do. There is no limit to what you can do in life as long as you are happy and at peace with yourself that’s okay. Also, listen to what others have to say about how you treat them because you may be hurting them and you wouldn’t know. Be closer to God, Love yourself, be kind to others and watch how beautiful your life would become!❤️

I’m so excited and ready for all the good things that would happen in this year and many more years In Shaa Allah.
Here’s to a happy, productive, healthy and stress-free year 🎊🎊❤️. 

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